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Sometimes our feet need a little more TLC than a traditional pedicure can provide. Medical pedicures are performed by a doctor and are designed to revitalize your feet using a health-first approach.  Call us to schedule an appointment.

What is a medical pedicure?

Medical pedicures are designed to make your feet feel as good as they look, while examining for any underlying foot conditions. This service is focused on improving your foot's aesthetic and hygiene.

What to expect from a medical pedicure:

  • Pedicure performed by Dr. Thompson

  • Full examination of feet and nails 

  • Diagnosis of underlying foot conditions

  • Toe nail trimming, shaping, and filing

  • Callous removal and moisture therapy

  • Clear coat optional


Foot Revitalization

Foot Massage

Heal your heels with foot revitalization. Typically paired with the medical pedicure, the foot revitalization includes:

  • Glycolic acid treatment

  • Removing callouses

  • Treating cracked heels

  • Skin softening treatment

  • Intensive heel treatment and sanding

Foot Revitalization





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