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Just like bacteria and viruses can grow on our skin, fungi can grow on our toes. Wondering if you have are dealing with a case of foot fungus? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson at Ace Feet in Weymouth, MA.

 Call us for a consultation.

How we can help:

​Ace Feet offers treatments for a range of toenail problems, including:

  • Fungal toenails, also known as onychomycosis

  • Split nails

  • Double nails, or ridged nails

  • Nails that lift off of the nail bed, also known as lysis

  • Yellow nail syndrome

  • Onychodystrophy

  • Ingrown toenails

  • Paronychia

  • Darkened toenails

  • Thick toenails

Treatment Options

Aside from conventional treatment for fungal toenails, we provide laser therapy using the PinpointeTM System. This Nd:YAG, 1064-nm laser is the first FDA cleared laser to treat onychomycosis. 

Laser therapy is a safe, effective method of clearing a fungal infection from the toenail and toenail bed. To determine if laser is the best treatment for you, book a consult with Dr. Thompson. At this visit you can ask questions and determine the best treatment plan for you.

Keryflex is another fantastic option for people with unsightly toenails. Keryflex is a sterile resin that can rebuild and replace damaged toenails in minutes. Patients walk out of the office with thin clear toenails that they feel comfortable showing off.

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What to expect from your Ace Feet toenail consult

  • Your feet will be examined by Dr. Thompson.

  • Microscopic and/or dermoscopic examination of the affected toenail or skin will be done if appropriate.

  • Your condition will be explained to you.

  • The doctor will review all treatment options for your condition.

  • Together you will discuss which option would be best for you, which may need to be based on your past medical history, exercise or activity level, shoewear, and your lifestyle.

  • We book a full hour for this visit so that there is time to begin treatment on the same day, if you choose to do so.





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