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What Is a Medical Pedicure (Medi-Pedi)?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

A good foot treatment is heaven, but with so many different pedicure options out there it can be hard to know where to go and what to look for. If you’re used to pedicures with whirlpool soaks, reused foot files, and “disinfected” instruments that get dumped into the same jar of barbicide (along with tiny bits of skin nail), your feet may need some medical-grade TLC.

While a medical pedicure does provide pampering and beautifying of your treasured tootsies, some of the major benefits have nothing to do with aesthetics.

Medical pedicures are performed by a doctor

Unlike regular pedicures, the medi-pedi focuses on your foot health. The procedure is performed by a podiatrist who examines your feet and is able to diagnose and treat skin problems like infections, warts, athlete’s foot, ingrown nails, etc. The service includes a basic foot exam, which is helpful for anyone with tired, overworked feet, and ESSENTIAL for anyone with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. Your neurovascular status is evaluated, your skin is examined for lesions, and you can consult with the doctor over your concerns.

Avoid exposure to fungus of bacterial infection with medical pedicures

A medical pedicure is definitely therapeutic for your feet but what you may not expect is the peace of mind it provides….You can REALLY relax at a medi-pedi knowing you’re in a clean environment. No worries about picking up a toenail fungus or bacterial infection. All instruments are sterile. All files and materials are disposable. All procedures are performed with aseptic technique.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pedicure without cleaning, clipping and beautifying the toenails. The Ace Feet medi-pedi includes:

  • Waterless foot cleanse

  • Application of callous softener

  • Painless callous removal with surgical knife

  • Toenail trimming and filing

  • Heel and ball of foot buffing

  • Toenail shaping

  • Massaging application of either prescription strength urea cream or moisturizing lotion, depending on needs

  • Base, polish and top coat application, on request

For more information on medical pedicures, or if you have any foot-related questions, reach out to Dr. Thompson at Ace Feet in Weymouth, MA to book an appointment.

Call us at 781-901-4896, or contact us here to book an appointment.

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