Weymouth Podiatrist Open During COVID 19

Update on how I am handling the office these days:


Ace Feet will be open as needed while the COVID 19 pandemic is occurring, and of course, fully open once it is no longer an overwhelming issue. 


My approach to best serving patients during this pandemic has changed over the past few weeks.


When news of the Biogen conference first hit the internet I felt hopeful that the US, and in particular the Boston area, would be able to contain the virus and avoid wide spread disease. I was hopeful because in spite of all of the terrible news, reports stated that the tide was turning in Wuhan. They were isolating and seeing more recovery and less new cases.


It seemed like we could and would nip it in the bud with social distancing so I shut down the office and cancelled appointments. Let’s face it, most foot problems are not life and death!


A few weeks ago I was hopeful that new COVID cases would not appear locally. Governor Baker imposed a non-essential business shut down. People were staying home, washing their hands more, and generally being careful. I actually thought we could shut this problem down in a jiff, but now it seems that COVID 19 will be around for awhile. 


I realized that people are still getting ingrown toenails, infections, and pain. People are walking and running outdoors more and getting injured. Most of these injuries, ingrowns, callouses, and pain points are easily treated. They also have the potential to grow into major problems if left alone. 


So let’s say you have a foot problem and you’re feeling kind of miserable! If my office were closed, you’d have to go to a health center to see a primary care doctor, or Urgent Care, or the ER.  At any of those places, you would likely come into contact with at least three different people from start to finish (think of the check-in/medical assistant/nurse/radiology technician/doctor or PA). You’d have to go through a busy waiting room in a facility that is probably seeing patients with respiratory problems (potential COVID patients). This can clog up an already strained medical facility and bring more people into contact with each other. (Side note: Many primary care physicians don’t do nail procedures or the like and often refer those problems back to a podiatrist anyways.)


So, I am opening the office to see patients who do not have COVID 19, and who do not have a cough, sore throat or fever. I am the only person in the office. You can go straight from your car, into the treatment room and back, and only deal with me. I am keeping a distance from people. I am wearing a mask throughout the patient visit. I am also giving patients a mask to put on when they come in. The treatment chair and floor mat are wiped down with a Lysol wipe after each person. (I do this anyways.) I am wiping down door handles- all of them – the front door, the glass door, and the room doors.


Long story short, Ace Feet is open. This is my way of helping the community and preventing the spread of this virus. If you have questions or concerns please call 781-901-4896 or email  help@acefeet.com


07/22/21 by zebydield

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